About Schnell Medical

QA in Diagnostic Radiology

The medical field of today is highly concerned about the QA in diagnostic radiology. Diagnostic radiology is a result of the invention of x ray machines. Invention of X-ray by Sir W.C.Rontgen in the year 1875 is considered as one of the most revolutionary invention of all the time because of the contribution it provided in different fields including Medical Diagnosis. Even if X-ray Radiation is hazardous, the outstanding services in medical diagnostics led to a new field called Diagnostic Radiology. The recent developments like Interventional Cathlab and the invention of CT by Sir.Hounsfield, uses moderately high amount of X-ray radiation dose, hence the radiation hazards created by these units to be monitored and assured. There are certain standards that are provided by law and a company that provides QA in Diagnostic Radiology will be helpful for ensuring these standards. Quality assurance is the practice of ensuring those standards of the machines legally. Schnell medicals is always the experts in providing QA for diagnostic radiology and we are the most chosen AERB authorised QA provider.

About Schnell Medical:

Schnell Medical Services was formed in the year 2010 with a view on safety standards in India. In Diagnostic Radiology, with the experience of our Engineers who are trained by principles in CT and Cathlab followed by training in AERB on Radiation Safety we are able to provide the best QA service in India from Mumbai, Maharashtra. There are different quality assurance services provided by Schnell medical services.

In India Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) is the competent Authority who has put forward the regulation on Radiation Safety. These guidelines ensures the operational safety for both Radiation staff as well as public .The Regulatory bodies like NABH and others are following these guidelines as their benchmark in imposing the Radiological safety in Hospitals.

Making the services easily available with the complete quality is the main characteristic of Schnell medical. The topmost hospitals and manufacturers find us as the best among the QA agencies in India. We are always conscious about our necessity and we work to keep our position of the top among QA testing agencies in diagnostic radiology. Started as a member of the group QA agencies in India and now we are here as the fittest AERB authorised QA Provider.

Our View is to facilitate users and manufacturers in Diagnostic Radiology the guidelines put forward by AERB. That is why we provided the best authorized QA in diagnostic radiology.

The different services that Schnell Medical Services provides include:

1. Registration of X-Ray equipments

2. License of CT/Cathlab

3. NOC/Type Approval for Manufactures

We are enabling the Users/Manufactures by our consultancy in fulfilling the basic requirements for all these requirements which include:


Application for registration as per AERB/RSD/MDX/REG and for License as per AERB/RSD/MDX-CT-CATH/LCO


Applications for NOC/Type Approval as per AERB/RSD/MDX/TA for X Ray units and AERB/RSD/MDX-CT-CATH/TA for Cathlab and CT

QA test as per AERB/RSD/MDX – IR/QAR/2010 for X-Ray and cathlab

AERB/RSD/MDX – MAMMO/QAR/2010  for Mammography

AERB/RSD/MDX – CT/QAR/2010 for CT Scanners

Radiation Survey for Hospitals:

As per Periodic Safety Status Report AERB / RSD / ASSR /CT & CATH/USER Radiation protection Survey is performed along with QA.

Annual Validation of Lead Apron:

Since Lead Aprons are the most common way of Radiation protection and due to its portability it is recommended to validate Lead Apron on annual basis and can be performed on request.

Why us :

Quality assurance is not an easy game anymore. The government and the media are highly concerned about the efficiency and the safety of the medical equipment that the sector use. Hence it is important to have the best QA Agencies in India to validate the quality of the equipment. An AERB authorised QA provider like us will be always with the medical firms to increase the safety by ensuring the quality. As we all know the diagnostic radiology is the most important category for quality assurance. Being one among the top QA service provider in radiology, we assure the quality of diagnostic radiology as well we ensure our quality. If the quality is to be ensured then the finest QA testing agencies in diagnostic radiology like us must be selected.